CP Farms 2010 Sugar Beet Harvest

2010 Sugar beet harvest at CP Farms Ltd. Shots made on two different days, two weeks apart.
Time: 11 min, 01 sec

A Proud History

History of the sugar beet industry in southern Alberta.
Time: 2 min, 13 sec

Farming for the Future

An overview of the sugar beet industry in southern Alberta, including harvesting and topping, transport and storage, sampling and testing for tare, sugar content, extractable sugar and impurities, research to improve yield and quality, fertilizer, and controlling weeds and insects.
Time: 2 min, 11 sec

The Spot for Sugar

A look at the sugar processing plant in Taber, Alberta, as well as the many reasons that southern Alberta is an ideal location for growing sugar beets, including a long growing season, few diseases, optimal weather conditions, excellent soil, high quality irrigation water, and research and support.
Time: 1 min, 44 sec

The Alberta Opportunity

A look at the many advantages southern Alberta provides for not only the sugar beet industry, but other industries and communities in general.
Time: 2 min, 42 sec

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